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Selected papers of the 1st workshop on soilphysics and soilmechanics 1986

  • Improving the bearing capacity of top soil layers by means of a polymer mixture grout,
  • Soil erosion and soil structure,
  • Simulation of gas diffusion,
  • Stability of clay aggregates as a function of water regimes, strength of soil aggregates of aggregates beds,
  • Compressibility of arable land,
  • The reference base for compaction state of soils,
  • An exemple of numerical modelling expansion of a root cavity in soil,
  • Mechanical consolidation in volcanic ash soils, selected physical properties of three soil types as affected by land use,
  • A method for characterizing the state of compacness of an arable soil,
  • Soil compaction and water uptake of plants,
  • Dynamic impact on soil structure due to traffic of off-roads vehicles,
  • Change in bulk density and pore water pressure during soil compression,
  • A method to predict workability of arable soils and its influence on crop yield,
  • Prediction of the compresibility of arable land,
  • Effect of wheeling with heavy machinery on soil physical properties,
  • Impact of external forces on soil structure.



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Date : 01/01/1988

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  • Catena

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Drescher, J., R. Horn, et M. De Boodt. Impact of Water and External Forces on Soil Structure. Catena Supplement 11. Catena Verlag, 1988.

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